A Road Map to Overcoming Anxiety and Embracing The "Real You"!

First Steps to Your Authentic Self

Our first step is to schedule an initial free consultation. This session is free and has no obligation. Here we start the initial process of learning about your authentic feelings and needs. These are so important to understanding the root cause of your pain and the info we gain here will inform our healing path. Deeply buried under the “rubble” of years of suppressed feelings and buried memories is your authentic self waiting for liberation. The more clarity we get about how your past has influenced your current life situation the more we can progress towards feeling better. 

Your Heart is Worth Fighting For!

When you suffer, you often feel alone. You feel as if no one can help you with your unique challenges. This website is intended to give you a new found hope that life can be different. And trust me when I say “it takes courage to reach out”, but your happiness is worth it! This courage and hope starts you on your way to renewing your life . No matter what you are suffering from you have deep natural “inborn” yearning to heal. When this yearning is harnessed, healing comes to the forefront and heartfelt freedom is experienced.

Your Uniqueness is Important!

You are a unique person with a unique childhood and current set of life circumstances. AND you have a particular way to heal that is specific just to you! With this in mind, my intent is to partner with you in ways that feel right to you for exactly where you are on your life journey.  Together we will create a place where you feel safe to explore the origin of your personal distress (emotionally and relationally) and find a healing path tailored specifically for you, so healing can then begin.

Healing Oriented Approach

Some therapy styles focus on thoughts, but I’ve learned true transformation comes from healing the root cause of your empotional pain by uncovering the “protective” strategies that keep you stuck. My focus is on the latest research of healing the brain and I bring these skills and knowledge to each session. For example, the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression are often a sign of blocked emotions that need acknowledgment, so they can be released.

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